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Organic Broccoli Powder Brocc N' Roll

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Suggested Serving Size: 1 tbsp = 1/2 cup broccoli

Organically grown broccoli gently low-thermally dried and milled into a powder. Can be used as a dietary supplement or as an ingredient added to prepared foods. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or other processing agents are used in the manufacturing process.

Health Benefits

Broccoli has shown to be a nutritional powerhouse rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Due to its antioxidant and fibre content, broccoli has shown to support digestive health by maintaining healthy gut function, lower blood sugar levels and support heart health. In certain studies demonstrating an anti-inflammatory effect, helping slow the aging process and mental decline due to compounds found in broccoli.

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Customer Reviews

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Great product

Convenient way to add more veggies to smoothies and other recipes.

Rashmi Rana
Fresh and flavourful

I am not a big fan of broccoli, but with this powder I get the advantage of adding it into my daily cooking. I add it to soups and curries and get health benefits of broccoli.

Boccoli Powder