RYP Protein

Simple Ingredients You Can Trust

Simple ingredients, giving you the confidence in what you put in your body to allow you to Reach Your Peak everyday. Absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or other processing agents. In other words, our blend is plant based, all-natural, and packed with the essential amino acids. 

Suggested Use

Get creative! Mix 4 tbsps into your favourite smoothie recipe, baked goods, pancakes and more! Check out our RYP blog on our website for some inspiration.

A Sunshine Boost

It doesn’t stop there! RYP Protein Blend also contains a boost of Vitamin D per serving. Vitamin D has a real causal role in activating and modulating the immune system. When switching to a plant-based diet, it is important to ensure you are getting an adequate amount of this Vitamin, especially in the colder months of the year. RYP Protein Blend contains an extra boost to compliment your daily intake of Vitamin D!

A Sustainable Future

Our manufacturing team at RYP Naturals works closely with farmers and processors across North America to source surplus, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. With our drying process, we retain the highest amount of antioxidants keeping the vibrant all-natural colour of the fruits and vegetables, capture the original flavours and 100% guarantee a long-term shelf life with no loss in quality. 

At RYP Naturals we make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint each day and stand by our mission to reuse and recycle where we can and into the future. Please do the environment a favour and re-use the glass jars before you go ahead and recycle.

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